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I feel that my final course 5 project on Digital Essays has been a success! When I first started brainstorming where to start, I was a little overwhelmed. So, needless to say I am thrilled that I was able to pull it off! One of my biggest concerns was that being a specialist I don’t have my own classroom. I needed to not only come up with a project that incorporated my learning from this course, would redefine an aspect of a unit that I was involved with, and convince one of my grade 4 teachers to let me pilot the project in their class. In the end, students enjoyed learning about digital storytelling, working on their digital essays and it is now something that the other grade 4 teachers are hoping to incorporate into their persuasive essay unit next year. So, I would say it was successful 🙂

The idea for this project started back in Course 3 when we were discussing digital storytelling.  During that course I wrote a blog post titled, Changing the World through Digital Storytelling where I came up with the idea of students using digital storytelling to bring their persuasive essays to life. For my final project, I took that initial idea and added to it! Below is the UBD planner I created for the project.

One of the grade 4 teachers that I work with was enthusiastic about letting me pilot this project in her classroom. For that I am thankful as it was not easy to rearrange schedules and give me extra time once the project rolled out and we realized students needed more time to reinforce concepts, work on their digital essays, etc. Check out my video to see how it all played out!

Overall, Coetail has been a great learning experience! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started. However, I enjoyed the course because not only did I learn new content but I also had the chance to reflect on my own practice and how I could make it better. As for the future, I  will continue to take what I have learned from Coetail and incorporate it into both my professional and personal practices when using technology. I also look forward to learning more and going more in depth as my journey with technology continues!

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